NIK Academy

What we’ve done at NIK Academy



What is Nik Academy

NIK Academy is a training center which offers a solution to one of the biggest challenges farmers are facing today - the shortage of well trained staff.

The courses are in theoretical and practical form with the help of the latest technologies and equipment for precision farming.

The Academy has modern facility with contemporary equipment and comfortable halls, where the presentations are help. Also special spaces with demonstration equipment for the practical part of the training. In addition, NIK Academy also offers farm equipment and test fields for real field trainings.

Since the autumn of 2017, the training center welcomes Bulgarian and foreign farmers and train them to work with the technologies offered by NIK, the novelties in the precision farming industry, good practices for crop care and etc.

Our activity

In NIK Academy we organize courses on up-to-date topics, according to the needs of the farm employees, therefore we enhance their qualification and improve the efficiency, they have on the field when working with modern machines.

Every course is with duraction from one to three days and the schedule is all over the year. As a result of the training, the staff will be more prepared for the upcoming field operations!

Trainings we offer at NIK Academy?

  • Specialized training for Agro-Managers
  • Good practices in fertilizing with AgroBalance
  • Precision Farming Training with Trimble
  • Monitoring and optimize farm workflows with FARMTRACK.
  • Good practices in irrigated agriculture
  • Effective spray training with Berthoud
  • Training in working with Precision Planting
  • Good practices for precision farming in fertilizing, sowing and spraying
  • Modern farming with Techofarm

Who can join the courses?

NIK Academy welcomes all farmers and their employees. The courses can be attended by everyone who wants to improve their skills, to use precision farming technologies more
efficient and to have better results on the field.

Trough the courses in the NIK Academy the operators` knowledge is being refreshed before season and the qualification of the operational managers is being improved.



Vantage preia imaginea și numele grupului din care face parte: NIK. Sub noua identitate vom continua să-ți oferim soluții tehnologice de încredere pentru succesul fermei tale. Împreună construim un viitor mai puternic pentru agricultură - un viitor în care creștem mai departe.