With over 120 years of market presence, French manufacturer Berthoud is one of the leaders in the production of high-tech sprayers. The company’s portfolio, founded in 1895, includes a large selection of self-propelled, trailed and mounted sprayers with wide application in agriculture.

Recognizing the need for continuous development and refinement, every year Berthoud invests in the activities of the company’s research team to develop and patent innovative technologies that are subsequently introduced in new machines. Thus, the French manufacturer guarantees continuous improvement of the product range by applying the latest innovations in the industry.

All Berthoud sprayers meet the established international standards for integrated agricultural methods, while being designed to maximize the conservation of nature and cultivated crops.

“Our main goal is to help farmers grow high quality crops. The growing population and at the same time the limited agricultural area make it more efficient for better results, ”the Berthoud team summarizes.