About Us

Who are we?

Offering smart machines NIK is part of Vantage Group, completing precision agriculture cycle of solutions introduced in Romania.

From the very first time we step into the market, we accepted the challenge to select and introduce to Romanian market inteligent products and tehnologies meant to boost agricultural operations’ effectiveness thus closing precision agriculture cycle.

More about the NIK's company groops

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What we do?

From the very beginning our main goal is to assist our clients to fully benefit from precision agriculture solutions using the right machines that can improve effectiveness of every field operation – from planting to spraying and fertlizing.

Our most successful in-house digital agriculture projects

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Currently, in our portofolio we have world leaders in smart technology: Spreaders, prayers and precision planting.



Vantage preia imaginea și numele grupului din care face parte: NIK. Sub noua identitate vom continua să-ți oferim soluții tehnologice de încredere pentru succesul fermei tale. Împreună construim un viitor mai puternic pentru agricultură - un viitor în care creștem mai departe.